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Real Epiphone Genesis 1979

How to recognize a real  79 Epiphone Genesis -------------------------------------------------------------

1979 Japan Catalog pic.

Searching on the web I've noticed that everyone who sells an Epiphone Genesis says
 "1979 Genesis made in japan" and when you look at the photo is clearly not true
only a few units was produced in Japan by Shiro Arai founder of Aria.
Thats is the reason to make this new post, so everyone can know the differences between a
1979 Japan Genesis and the normal Genesis  made by Pearl  in Taiwan.

In the pictures of the 1979 japan catalog we can see  the 3 models of Genesis (japan edition)

Let's see the differences between the Epiphone Genesis Custom 79 (Japan)  and 80/81 (Taiwan)

The main differences are:

1 -The  Knobs.
The 1979 Genesis  came with  Golden "Top-Hut"  style knobs with VOLUME & TONE

The Taiwan  units came with  "Speed" style knobs

2-The Pickups
The 1979 Japan Genesis came with covered  pickups (chrome)

The Taiwan units came with "exposed" pickups and  gold magnetic elements

3 - The Hardware.
The 79 came with  silver bridge and chrome hardware and tuners have a golden circle on the back.

The 80/81 came with gold hardware

On the back of the tailpiece appears the leyend  "JAPAN"

4 - Wiring.
The 79 japan  came wired with cables from the renowned Japanese brand "Mogami"

Mogami continues to manufacture high quality cables for all types of audio-related functions, are currently employed in the contruction of Recording Consoles and major studios such as "Sony" or "Warner Bros" are wired with Mogami cables.


The 80/81 taiwan have generic wired

5 - The Case.
The 1979  Hard case says  "Takabe Japan"

The taiwan units not.

Hopefully this will help people not fall into the trap,
 I have seen many Epiphone Genesis on E-bay or Graiglist  or also in Mercado Libre (Arg Chile. Brazil, etc) where sellers seeking to deceive potential buyers saying that guitar they sell is from 1979 and made in Japan
 Do not be fooled!

                 Epiphone Genesis Custom 79 Sound demo by Intruder (amateur recording)
                        Check this link:

9 comentarios:

  1. interesting post. I seem to have the 80. can you give me a rough indication of the technical differences and performances ? Also, what do you have to say about the price

  2. ok Daniel, the differences nobody really knows (quality & performance)only a few guitars comes from Japan, and the quality are excelent, but if you read the "reviews"

    99% of this reviews are from 80/81 guitars, not 1979, the quality of the taiwan genis are very good. They are procuced at the "Pearl" drums factory , where they made the legendary "Pearl Export Series"
    Pearl also had as much experience in the construction of guitar amplifiers and microphones at this time.
    Probably the biggest difference is, in the 80/81 hardware and pickups were also built by Pearl in his own factory, while the Japanese believed that the hardware and pickups were built by Gotoh.
    but no one knows for sure, what is certain is all the Genis, have an excellent quality in terms of construction and finish.

  3. I'm really confused now! My Genesis has the speed-style knobs and exposed pickups of the 80/81 model, but the silver hardware and tuners of the 79!

  4. is a Standard version

  5. I just bought one that I think may be the 79 Japan version. I can send photos to see if that is true. Do you have an idea of the value of these, either Japan or Taiwan from 1979? Thank you

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    **por favor ayudenme!! necesito el diagrama de epiphone genesis 79' mi correo es

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