domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

Epiphone Genesis is back!! Reissue 2012 Prototype Review.

Hi people the Genesis is Back!!! Epiphone Genesis Reissue Series 2012  come soon!!
maybe September...

Amazing news for the Geni lovers!
Its really really amazing....
This model was sleeping for 33 years, almost forgotten,  and now come back to the life!!!
After over a year on the drawing boards one of the prototypes come out.

Looks good! ...but will pass the test of the lovers of this vintage jewels?
The costruction methods are change,  the  beloved quiality of the originals Genesis still remains on this "Reissue" model??
Will be a difficult challenge for the people of Epiphone.

A first view looks good, the top was a nice flame finish  but...
This will be a new beginning?